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September 3, 2021  

Sarah Walters on African Historical Demography

How can the methods of historical demography help historians study the African past? Sarah Walters (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) talks to Shane Doyle about how her research uses parish registers in East, Central, and Southern Africa and to shed light on twentieth-century population trends, family formation, and broader societal change.

Her article 'African Population History: Contributions of Moral Demography' appears in the July 2021 issue, and introduces the JAH Forum 'Population Change and Demography in African History'.

April 28, 2021  

Aïssatou Mbodj-Pouye on rural radio and infrastructure in Mali

JAH author Aïssatou Mbodj-Pouye (CNRS, IMAF-Aubervilliers) discusses her recent article on the history of rural radio in Mali with Marissa Moorman. Her article, “Radio and the Road: Infrastructure, Mobility, and Political Change in the Beginnings of Radio Rurale de Kayes (1980–early 2000s)”, appears in the March 2021 issue.

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